Offer: Business cases


Are you introducing a new product to the market?

Do you want to employ a new department manager or director?

Someone wants to exclude you from the market in an unfair manner?

Someone is using your trademarks?

Your employees are sick too often?

Are you suspecting that your employees are acting to the detriment of the company?

You feel that someone is eavesdropping on you and observing you or your company?

Verifying contractors – our detective will carry out actions aiming at determining whether you can trust a person you are working with or want to work with/employ.

Handling unfair competition – the detective agency offers its services concerning eliminating actions of the unfair competition as understood in accordance with the Act on combating unfair competition of April 16th 1993.

Collecting materials concerning an unlawful use of trademarks – the detective agency intermediates in collecting information concerning the violation of intellectual property.

Collecting materials and conducting audits in favor of business entities operating on franchisee conditions – our detective agency offers services related to verifying the honesty of business partners.

  • monitoring and controlling a franchisee
  • internal audits at the commission of franchisors
  • collecting materials concerning taking advantage of confidential knowledge by franchisees (know how) and sharing it with other entities

Controlling sick leaves

  • observing a person suspected of fraud
  • documenting the person’s activity (cameras, photo cameras, locating devices)

Internal control in companies and institutions – the detective agency will carry out a verification of the employees’ loyalty in order to verify any suspicions concerning their acting to the detriment of the company or institution.

  • agent, spy
  • analysis of the gathered material
  • opinions and reports
  • conclusions

Verifying candidates during the recruitment process – the detective will carry out an analysis of the honesty concerning references, opinions, certificates, and diplomas

  • contacting previous employers
  • contacting and verifying higher education facilities in terms of education
  • determining a candidate’s qualifications

Professionally detecting bugs and micro-cameras (1m^2 price – PLN 30)


At the clients request we also handle unique, lawful cases.



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