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Adultery and

There are many faces of adultery.

It is not easy to uncover adultery, but observing certain symptoms may give much away. More care for own appearance, going out often, or dead calls constitute just a few signs which we should put our interest in. According to psychologists, the “first time” is the most important. If our partner has cheated on us and was able to hide it, chances are high that it will keep happening. According to GUS statistics it is precisely adultery that today constitutes the main reason for divorce, and twice as many divorce papers are filed by women. Therefore, it is worth to resolve any doubts before making a hasty decision. Taking advantage of proper technical measures, it is possible to efficiently detect and confirm the actions of the cheating partner. Despite many attempts to cover any traces, we are able to disclose the fact of adultery. Bugging devices, Internet, talking to friends, miniature cameras, or audio recorders can do wonders in helping us solve even the most difficult personal puzzles. And what if it turns out that our partner is cheating on us? Are we really ready to accept that truth? There is a rule in Polish courts saying that all facts important for the case may be used in the curse of the proceedings.

Detecting adultery, our detective will make it possible to gather evidence in a divorce case and to verify the suspicions

  • Detecting a spouse’s / partner’s adultery
  • Gathering documents and other evidence materials for the divorce case
  • Professional observation of an unfaithful partner
  • Community interview, determining social contacts
  • Gathering any adultery evidence

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